10° Chuck Hoberman September 2016 - January 2017 Client Le Laboratoire Cambridge and Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Branding, Indentity, Print and Exhibition Design  

        Chuck Hoberman’s exhibition, 10°, at Le Laboratoire Cambridge in 2016 featured four large-scale installations of kinetic sculptures he designed. The title of the exhibition, 10°, referred to the concept of ten degrees of freedom: the sum of all possible trajectories for the four pieces, which have individually one, two, three, and four degrees of mobility. The sculptures invited visitors to explore fully ten dimensions of form by touch, displacement, and observation, remaking the installation by their act of exploration, whether individually or with other visitors in a kind of kinetic object choreography.
        Taking cues from the title of the exhibition, the symbol for a degree marker, and the circular range of motion in the sculptures, the graphic identity for the show is based on an enlarged circle to frame information about the exhibition, including the title, his name, date and time, and location. Besides the print and digital assets, the scope of work included the process wall, a graphic explanation for the different states of the sculptures, and space planning and environmental graphics for the study models.
        Photo Credit John Kennard