Duetti Spring Dance Performance Series 2015
Client Harvard University Dance Program
Branding, Indentity, Print Design  

        The title of Harvard Dance Program’s Spring 2015 Performances, Duetti, translates from Italian as Duets. The Director of the Dance Performances paired unlikely combinations of dancers, music and choreographers for this series. The graphic identity takes inspiration from these pairings and uses two different styles of typefaces, a serif and slab serif. The characters are drawn at opposite axonometric angles and are superimposed on each other.
        Materially, the two words carry the theme into the printing technique. The two colors: a bright orange to celebrate the vibrancy of spring and a cool grey for a more mellow, somber effect, have very different associations. The print job experimented with a novel offset printing technique to create a three dimensional effect. The fluorescent orange was first printed as a solid, opaque color. The sheets were run again, and the grey was printed using a halftone pattern, creating a shadow effect on the solid orange. The result visually separates the two words on the page, creating depth on the printed page.
         Printing and Production Riegelmann Printing
         Photo Credit Ronald Yeung

Image from the Performaces
Folded Program