Madrid Rio Green Prize Exhibition 2015
Client Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Branding, Indentity, Print and Exhibition Design 

        Each year, Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design awards the Veronica Rudge Green Prize for excellence in urban design. This prize carries the greatest monetary award of Harvard’s prizes, and the accompanying exhibition is the Spring semester’s main exhibit. The 2016 selected project was Madrid Rio, which was desiged by a team led by Ginés Garrido of Burgos & Garrido and included Porras & La Casta, Rubio & Álvarez-Sala, and West 8. The project connected two parts of Mardrid through a park system and new bridges.
        The exhibition featured a series of colorful, commissioned photographs of the park in use and the research and design drawings that went into the project. Design of the exhibition highlighted the photographs by printing them large scale and hanging them on the walls. All of the other content was laid out on seven custom designed tables, each with a different theme. The content of each table: introduction, historical research, analysis diagrams, vegetation, overall plan, the physical model, and design details, related back to the adjacent images on the walls. Walls were painted a light grey with silver vinyl labels, so the vibrancy of the photographs popped and the written content subseded.
         Photo Credit [GSD]