Guess-A-Sketch Spring 2016
Client The Center for Architecture New York City
Branding, Indentity, Print Design 

        Each year the Center for Architecture invites well known architects to host a benefit supporting the Center’s educational programs. The evening centers around a pictionary-style tournament where honoree sketchers, drawn from the New York Architecture community, sketch iconic buildings. In 2016, the Center for Architecture wanted to develop an identity for the event that captured the fun, playful spirit of the evening.
         The identity included nine original, charcoal sketch drawings of famous buildings around the world. These were positioned over a large, blocky typeface. The drawings are represented with masking tape, similar to the way the drawings are hung on the walls of the Center for Architecture during the event. Various madia was produced for the event for digital and print. The text and drawings were able to be rearranged and positioned according to the size and/or aspect ratio of the medium, creating a versatile system.
         Printing and Production Riegelmann Printing
         Photo Credit Ronald Yeung

Photograph of Architect Mark Tsurumaki sketching at the event 
Charcoal sketches created by Jessee Designs for the identity package