How We Work

Jessee Designs engages with our clients using a concept we call “insourcing.” Our office comes to you and becomes a temporary or part-time powerhouse in your environment. We like to think of ourselves as chameleons, changing the way we work to match yours. We join your staff, adopt your office standards, and reduce your overhead by using resources already available to you. The advantage to our clients is a seamless integration of our expertise with the way you work. Plus, it makes us available on the spot.

Given the fast-paced nature of architecture and design, insourcing has allowed our clients to get more out of our working relationship by allowing both of us a truly collaborative process and the ability to pay careful attention to detail. Of course, Jessee Designs has the resources and capability to do things the old-fashioned way. We work hard upfront to tailor a way of working specific to each client and project – always aiming to exceed both of our expectations.