Push Pull Lamp 2007
CNC Milled Prototype 

        The design incorporates the common elements of a lamp: the diffuser, bulb, and housing, in a seemingly continuous series of plywood slats. The slats are CNC milled with an interior cutout to move around a standard fluorescent bulb, and they can be moved individually or together around the tube to create boundless combinations of forms.
        This flexible design challenges the ability of one lamp to achieve various qualities of light, which are usually defined by purpose and specific to each light fixture. By allowing the slats to be configured in an infinite combination of positions, a person is able to control the light emitted according to a variety of tasks and effects. Multiple slats that are moved together create direct light while freeform or random configurations of each individual slat generate more ambient light. The end result is a playful way to control light and establish the mood of your environment.
         Photo Credit Jessee Designs
        Collaborators Chris Barley, Brigette Borders, Egbert Chu, Karen Kubey and Troy Thierren

Tooling paths for CNC router