Landscape of Details, Toru Mitani / studio on site 2017
Client Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Indentity, Print and Exhibition Design

       Japanese Landscape Architect Toru Mitani is a founding partner of Tokyo-based studio on site and held a Visiting Professor tenure at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design in the 2017-18 academic year. The exhibition looks at his body of work through the lens of landscape details, an often discussed topic in architecture but less common in landscape design. By using function, form and structure as an analytical tool to consider his projects, the exhibition leveled lanscape with the other design disciplines to see this discipline as a driver for architecture, urban design and landscape combined.
        The design of the exhibition used a continuous band of concept sketches, highly detailed, hand drawn design drawings and photography to tell the design story of each remarkable project, one-by-one. The uninterrupted band canvassed every wall surface in the space and was only interrupted by a series of fins set perpedicular to the gallery walls that quietly announced each project. Each project category was laid out on a different deep hue, which subtly announced the shift in subject matter and allowed the rich and immersive body of work to speak loudest.
        Finally, a collection of prototypes were displayed on plinths in the center of the spaces and allowed the gallery visitor to experience the careful details of each project in their physical form.
  Photo Credit Harvard GSD